At Christ Encounters we have found in ministry and life that God never created a journey to be accomplished by one person.
Through the Scriptures a common feature is that God joined people together, He connected them, to the degree that Jesus sent His disciples out in two’s.


God is taking us too on this journey, and connecting us with same minded saints. The saints of God who seek to see the lost win over for the Lord. The saints who want to do more than a Sunday meeting. The saints who sense time is running out and church is more than a service, its time to be the Church. We have simply called this Christ Encounters!


For those who are being guided to pray for us. Words could never express our gratitude of what that means to Christ Encounters, that you would take us in prayer before the Lord. We deeply appreciate this!


As you likely would be aware, reaching the lost does cost money. If the Lord has called you to financially support the work of Christ Encounters, whether paying for the rental of a mission hall; purchasing videos to tell the Gospel, or tracts or books for people to read, please know that every penny is prayerfully offered to see how best to invest it into souls.


Take time to view our site and if you are led to donate, please do contact us and connect!Why don’t you drop us a note here on our contact page or check our diary and come and connect to us at our next event.


Blessings from Christ Encounters.